Genes For Good

If you are an adult resident of the United States, YOU can contribute to scientific research! Looking to advance knowledge of the human genome? Want to help scientists figure out what role our genes play in disease? GENES FOR GOOD  at University of Michigan has partnered with Facebook and are still screening for 10,000+ more research participants!


It’s simple…sign up through the app, answer health questions, and if you qualify they will send you a FREE spit kit. You spit, send it back, they analyze it, and upload results. You can access information about your ancestry, download your raw genetic data, and help scientists discovery new information that could lead to better understanding about causes and cures for diseases. If you decide you don’t want to know your results, your contribution to research can still help others!

Sounds awesome, right? We thought so, too. We are proud to contribute to this research program! If you are planning to participate in the  GENES FOR GOOD research program and would like to share your experience or would like to contribute to our ongoing research project, please fill out the PRE-TEST SURVEY If you’ve already had genetic testing and would still like to contribute, please fill out the POST-TEST SURVEY. If you’d like to see my results I’ve donated to Open Access research, check out this BLOG POST. Thank you for your participation!

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