*UPDATE* This campaign to get Bethanie out of the psychiatric ward was a success, thanks to the many supporters who signed the petition and put pressure on the Hospital! The fight isn’t over yet, though…other children and adults around the world are struggling with Gastroparesis and other motility disorders, that get misdiagnosed as mental conditions. Please take a moment to sign any PETITIONS asking for research and recognition of these conditions so many of us suffer from.

imageOur little Zebra Sister, BETHANIE ROWLANDS, needs your help! She has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos & Gastroparesis, and uses TPN to be fed through a line into her heart. Like so many others, the doctors at Southampton Hospital do not understand these conditions and are accusing Bethanie of a psychiatric condition causing her physical symptoms…they refuse to send her home to her family! Please SIGN & SHARE this PETITION to send the message FREE BETHANIE ROWLANDS! You can also find her on Facebook: BelieveInBethanie and Instagram Join us on Twitter and #BelieveInBethanie!


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